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The (Second) Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

You  may not consider the month of November to be a time of great anticipation and celebration, but for myself and many other youth pastor’s wives, the month of November is indeed one of the most wonderful times of the year.

This November was no exception. My husband and I spent several days in Melbourne, Florida attending the Rebound Retreat.  As a pastor’s wife and mommy to two, two year-old girls (help!), I needed the encouragement and refreshment that Rebound provided.  I’m not just talking about the extraordinary amount of sleep I managed to get every night (and it was extraordinary), I’m talking about relationships. My relationship with my husband, my friends, and with my Father

As you well know, it easy to get lost in the business of life. You wake up, you change some diapers, you feed some little people, you change some more diapers, you scrub red crayon off your walls, you change some more diapers, and somewhere in there, if you don’t care much about your own hygiene…you may get a few minutes to spend time with God and your husband. I know it’s just a stage of life, but it can leave you weary and disconnected.

This is why I look forward to  November. I know that there will be valuable, uninterrupted time with my husband,  I will see friends who encourage my heart, make me laugh and my heart will be refreshed by meaningful worship of my Heavenly Father.  Even now, one month post Rebound, I am still encouraged and refreshed.  I am so thankful to our church for allowing  us to attend Rebound and thankful to the EFCA staff for caring so much for the youth pastors AND their wives.

(by Brooke Krause, Wichita, KS)

Rebound 2012 will be in Melbourne, FL.  November 10-13, 2012.  Put it on your calendar today!

Rebound 2011

Do you have adequate inflow for sustainable overflow?  You’ve come out of a full school year ministering to others and my guess would be that your summer isn’t one you’d describe with words like “restful” and “refreshing.”   For years I always said summer was over August 1 because my full attention shifted to the upcoming school year. 

I want to encourage you to make a wise decision to build into your calendar now some blocks of time through the next months for some extended, unhurried time to be with Jesus.

While you’re blocking off time, why don’t you block off November 12-15, 2011 to join us in Melbourne, Florida  just after the fall launch and retreats for an intentional getaway with other ministry leaders.   

Registration is open. 

Rebound Registration Now Open!

The wisest man to ever live, King Solomon, spoke these words to his son, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”  Proverbs 4:23.  There are times the wisest and most responsible thing we can do for our own souls and ministries is to focus some deliberate attention on our own hearts.

Join us for Rebound in Melbourne, Florida November 12-15 for some time of refreshment and renewal.  Carve out the time today.   Registration is now open!


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