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FREE Resource Helping Students Live on Mission Back Home

Heading on mission with your students this summer?   What about living on mission when you return?   My friend, Carl Blunt and his ministry “LifeBook” can put a FREE tool in your hands to help your students stay engaged in the mission when they return home.  

The Life Book Movement helps mobilize your students as missionaries to their schools.  During a short-term “mission trip,” your students hand out free copies of The Life Book to their classmates during school.  At no cost to you or your ministry, Life Books are provided so your students can hand out about 50 apiece during this mission focus. The Life Book serves as a great evangelistic tool, providing the gospel in a contemporary translation with relevant, interactive elements.  The Life Book Movement was founded by The Gideons International in 2009 and, since its inception, over half a million copies of The Life Book have been handed out by students during school.  1.2 million copies of The Life Book are being printed for distribution by students during the coming 2011-2012 school year.  Our mission is to serve youth ministries by helping them raise up a generation of student missionaries who take the gospel first to their classmates and then to the world.

Go to now for more information.  We only have 1.2 million Life Books for the coming school year and they are going fast.

 (See what Doug Fields has to say about The Life Book here:


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