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Alongside Time

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You’ve heard the phrase before: “More than a sage on the stage, people need a guide on the side.” Anyone who is concerned about developing a disciplemaking culture knows this is true.

How do you know what sort of encouragement and support to bring once you get some “along-sider” time? Below are 20 questions that can help you identify what sort of coaching your adult and student leaders need right now. Read the rest of this entry


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What’s Distracting You?

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What is it that pulls you away from an intentional disciplemaking focus?

One of the things that often hijacks my disciplemaking intentionality is the needs of people — neighbors, students, families, etc.

Why? Because my answer to those needs has been to find ways to meet each need myself, be overwhelmed by the needs and withdraw, or create an efficient system trying to meet the needs of the masses.

I don’t think I’m alone on this.

But when I look at Jesus I find that the needs of people actually motivated his disciplemaking intentionality.
Read the rest of this entry


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A 2014 Decision That Could Change Your Life…and your Friendships


One of the best decisions I made in 2012 to help my walk with God was saying “yes” to a friend, Bill Allison,  who invited me to read through the Bible chronologically with him and a few others. I enjoyed it so much I did it again in 2013.

Reading through the Bible was great. Reading through the Bible with friends was rich on so many levels. I dare you to try it but with this approach… Read the rest of this entry


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How Are You Doing LEADING UP?

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You probably put a lot of thought into skillfully leading those under your care. But most of us don’t give a lot a time to consider the state of our upwards leadership. I thought this short clip of Craig Groshel from Catalyst 2010 was a good word for any leader serving under someone else’s leadership.

With Craig’s words in mind, consider these four ways of how to honor your senior pastor or supervisor:

1. Support Their Decisions.
You may not agree with all their decisions but be sure to support their decisions — especially in public. There are lots of ways to verbally and non-verbally undermine decisions. Instead, give your best thought and effort to support the direction they’ve set and goals they’ve identified. Bring your strengths to the table to support their agenda, not your own. Read the rest of this entry


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