Equip Students to Reach Out with Life Book

Back in June 2011 we posted about a fresh ministry called Life Book that provides a tool for students to use as they engage in spiritual conversations with friends. Our friends at Life Book are gearing up to distribute 630,000 free copies of the Life Book.

Here is what Scott Tinman, youth pastor in Moline, IL had to say about how they used Life Book:

“This past fall we had the opportunity to partner with The Life Book and our local Youthworker Network as a follow-up to SYATP. We used The Life Book  as a tool to give students something that they can get into spiritual conversations with their friends that they prayed for at the Pole. Some of our students who took the challenge were at school reading The Life Book for themselves and found their friends asking what they were reading. Their friends then asked for their own copy. This led into further conversations. It gave students a great way to talk with their friends about their faith. The Life Book was a great tool for students to bring the gospel to their school campus!”  

Jeremy Deck, Student Ministry Pastor in New Hope, MN is planning to use Life Book this spring:

“The goal of our student ministries is not to constantly pull students into different programs at church. Rather, our desire is to equip them to be the church wherever God has placed them and to live out the gospel on mission in their recurring, everyday activities. As we train our students in the gospel and its transforming power, Life Book creates intentional pathways to gospel shaped conversations with friends. As our students believe, understand, and apply the gospel, I’m excited to see how our Life Book outreach will provide longterm, intentional application of everything that our students are learning. We don’t just want our students to understand the gospel. We want them to apply it. Life Book will give us another opportunity for gospel application in the lives of students at NHC.” 

Check out this video that shares the vision of Life Book.

About Shane Stacey

Shane is the national director of ReachStudents, the youth ministry arm of the EFCA. He lives with his wife and three children in Minneapolis, Minn.

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