A Disciplemaking Dream for 2012

Two questions I think are critical for every ministry leader to ask at the beginning of a new year are:
1.)  Is my disciplemaking vision clear?

2.)  Is my disciplemaking passion hot?

I think both of these ultimately come from God, but I think part of the way that God keeps our vision clear and our passion for that vision white hot is through burdening our heart with a dream.

As I look back on 2011, I am grateful for all that God has done, but as I begin 2012 I can tell you I am not satisfied.  I believe God has far more He wants to do.  His dream is burning in my heart.

This is my dream…

  • I dream of world where disciplemaking is not just a buzz word Christian leaders throw around, but it is truly a way of life being embraced by pastors, volunteers, parents and students alike so that everyone is given the opportunity to experience the joy of cooperating with the Holy Spirit in unleashing the power of spiritual multiplication.
  • I dream of a world where disciplemaking is not merely another one of the apps in our ministry, but is the operating system that supports all the unique and innovative apps we carefully choose to use.
  • I dream of a world where we encrouage, equip, and support parents to be disicplemakers while at the same time reaching to those whose parents have not yet encountered Jesus.
  • I dream of a world where ministry leaders celebrate with exponentially greater joy the number of spiritual conversations students are having with friends while scattered compared to their joy of how many students gathered.
  • I dream of a world where every students comes to see that the gospel is not just something beneficial to our lives after death, but powerful in bringing ongoing transformation to every nook and cranny of our lives before death. (And I dream that they get this vision not merely from what they here us say but how they see us live.)
  • I dream of a world where we don’t see volunteers as teams mobilized to accomplish a task (i.e. shepherd the chip bowl), but rather as disciplemaking communities experiencing the inflow and overflow of the Spirit of God as they live on mission WITH Jesus together.
  • I dream of a world where to be known as a follower of Jesus is to be known as one who treasures Christ supremely and loves all others sacrificially.
  • In short, I dream of a world where our student/family ministries are communities of disciple-makers who are centered and sent: centered in Christ and sent by Christ to bring His love to life in our homes, neighborhoods, schools and work places as we follow Jesus, together.

This is my dream.  I realize that in the EFCA we have lots of room to grow if this dream is going to become a reality.   If any of this is part of your dream, know that in 2012 I’d love to not only hear from you, but also to learn from you.

With learning in mind, if you and your ministry is needing more encouragement, training and support in releasing adults and students into a disciplemaking way of life, please contact the  ReachStudents Director in your district.  Or, contact us at students@efca.org.

What’s your dream?

About Shane Stacey

Shane is the national director of ReachStudents, the youth ministry arm of the EFCA. He lives with his wife and three children in Minneapolis, Minn.

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